I have always had an interest in animal health and when I become older I am striving to be at the top of my class in medical school. This topic interests me because I feel that it will help me in the long run and I will do whatever it takes to become successful in my specialty. Throughout this process of research I am hoping to discover the appropriate times to use specific sutures. What kind of suture is supposed to be used for a specific wound? I also would like to know how much of an improvement med students make when practicing these techniques. Research shows that when practicing in these kinds of ways your confidence level rises immensely. In order to complete the task at hand I will need to research and be fully aware of all of the different sutures used for the most common injuries, and how many layers of the skin is needed to be sutured in order to make a perfect recovery. Even before I need to know any of that I will need to know all of the supplies that are needed to perform a basic suture. Also I will need to know multiple ways of practicing these sutures so the whole time I am doing this experiment I am not just using bananas. While at school I will watch YouTube tutorials on how to properly suture a banana and other kinds of educational medical videos. While at home I will actually practice on the bananas and other fruit. I will video tape myself while completing the task, then I will watch the video over and over again to see where I could have made improvements.  Since I am wanting to go into animal medicine I was thinking about finding a mentor at the animal hospital near my house. It is where both of my male dogs got neutered. I was lucky enough to have been able to view one of my dogs get neutered, that has an influence on who I want to be my mentor. I was thinking about talking to the doctor who let me watch my dog’s surgery and see if he would give me tips or help me learn to complete these challenges. The outcome of all of my research will be a well-educated girl who knows all that there is about the basics behind surgical sutures. Which will make me want to share all of my progress with my fellow peers. I will be making video tutorials that will explain and teach the proper ways to perform a certain type of suture. At the very end of my project I will combine all of my videos so the audience can see the improvement that has been made throughout the time spent practicing. This project really matters to me because I know that in order to become the best at something a lot of practice is needed to achieve that goal. This will allow me to practice the basics of suturing so that when the time comes in medical school where we are learning about surgical sutures I can practice the regular amount but I will have already had so much extra practice and knowledge on the topic. Aside from me this will drastically benefit the large animals around me because no matter what kind of injury they have I will be able to fix them and make them good as new so that no more animals have to become endangered. I will know that I am making progress when I can successfully put a banana back into its original shape after being peeled.


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