Annotated Bibliography

Cady, Stephan. “Basic Suture Techniques.” YouTube. YouTube, 7 Sept. 2009. Web. 7 Sept. 2009.

My goal this week was to get an understanding of what kinds of activities I could do to help start off my knowledge on surgical sutures. I wanted to watch a couple videos of other people practicing stiches on fruit that would hopefully help me when it comes time to do it myself. So far I have only watched one video and that video was not very helpful because it showed a dog undergo surgery but when it came time for the animal to be stitched up the video was cut and that information wasn’t present. On the other hand I found a website that had comments from people who suggested ways to practice and there was a variety of options to pick from.

Stephen Cady posted a video on YouTube about “Basic Suture Techniques.” I believe that this source is reliable because Stephen Cady received his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College and specializes in Emergency Medicine. This source is factual because Stephen went to medical college so he knows what he is doing but it could also be opinionated as well because whoever taught Stephen could have put their own spin on that kind of suture. The intended audience is people interested in the medical field, I know this because looking at all of the comments on his Basic Suture Techniques video are all of medical students who are asking him questions and giving him great feedback. I still want to know how to do more complex sutures on different surfaces.


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