Ted Talk

For my most recent update on my genius hour project; I am choosing to tell you my plan for my final Ted Talk presentation. For our presentations we are supposed to have some sort of way to show all of the progress that we have made throughout this experience. Next week I will be stitching up a fetal pig as my final major activity. So for my presentation I am going to show a picture of the very first banana that I ever performed sutures on and then some pictures of the fetal pig and the three layers of skin that I would have had to stitch together. I am very confident that this will exceed the expectations of showing my progress. Also I will have a PowerPoint to go along with this that will help me explain all of the sutures and techniques that I used to help me.  Earlier in the week I performed a basic interrupted suture that has been hard for me because you are supposed to have a helper to keep the sutures tight and I didn’t have one so it took me a couple tries to get the surgical knot tied at the right tension without ripping the banana peel. Luckily I was successful when I did it by myself so I cut out that part of the banana peel to save and keep for the final Ted Talk but I realized that there was no way that the banana would last that long without getting soggy and ruining the suture. So I am going to try again later towards my presentation date and see if I have better luck salvaging the peel.


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